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Surprisingly Easy Ways to Create Self-Care Habits at Home

On Purpose Women  Jan-Feb 2024

By Carla Johnston, DCN, MA, MS, CNS, LDN

It is the start of the new year, and often, we think about our goals and what we want to
accomplish. It is expected to begin setting up spa appointments, purchasing exercise equipment,
and exploring nutrition resets and cleanses. Gym memberships and classes are typically the first
among the items to explore. Self-care often takes a back seat after the busyness of the holidays
and the start of a new year. Nurturing our well-being can be crucial for creating space for
peacefulness and happiness.

Honoring the Season of Winter: A Unique Approach to Self-Care


Winter provides a unique self-care opportunity with its shorter days and colder temperatures. It's
often a time of introspection and slowing down. It is a beautiful season to focus on nourishment
supporting our foundations of health. We can look to nature for how beautifully she provides
visual examples. With less activity and color, the leaves are gone, all designed to allow her
energy to nourish roots. The better sustained in winter, the more vibrant it is in spring.
Remember, each season brings rhythm and power, and aligning your self-care practices with
these natural cycles can be incredibly fulfilling.

While luxurious vacations and indulgent spa days are lovely, they are not always possible or
practical. We can create small, meaningful practices at home without opening our wallets. Let's
explore how some simple habits can significantly enhance our quality of life, no matter your age
or skill level.

It is a well-documented fact that nutrition has a significant influence on health. As many articles
focus solely on nutrition, this article will explore other significant impacts. Sleep, Hydration,
Physical Movement, and Social Connection are also essential and often overlooked health
influences. Exploring new ideas as you create your self-care practices can be fun, inspiring, and
incredibly rewarding.

We tend to move forward and make changes when WE decide something is necessary. The
beauty of self-care is that it is unique, changes over time, and allows for constant exploration.


We move forward and make changes when WE decide something is necessary. The beauty of self-care is that it's unique, changes over time, and allows for constant exploration.

Sleep: The Foundation of Wellbeing

Sleep is a cornerstone of self-care. It influences our mood, cognitive function, and overall health.

Creating a sleep-friendly environment at home can be easy to attain. The three best ways to make
a sleep-friendly environment are:

  • Establishing a regular sleep schedule each night.

  • Turn off televisions, cell phones, and computers before bedtime.

  • Cooler temperatures and dark rooms are soothing and often result in restful sleep.


Think of your bedroom as a sanctuary for sleeping. Sleep is often forgotten as a significant influence on health, particularly as we age.

Hydration: The Essence of Vitality

It is typical to focus on hydration in the year's warm months, often forgotten in colder months.
Adequate hydration is essential for both physical and cognitive functions. Many report that "they
know they need to drink more water." It is common to admit it, with the goal "to do better."


Did you know high-water content fruits and vegetables can positively influence daily hydration? In
winter, many seasonal choices are delicious to add to meals: citrus fruits, cucumbers, tomatoes,
and peppers, to name just a few. It is expected to add citrus fruits and cucumber to water bottles,
influencing flavor and increasing consumption. Herbal teas and broth-based soups are other great
examples of delicious, easy ways to improve daily hydration.

Physical Movement: A Pillar of Home-Based Self-Care

Finding the motivation to create a daily physical routine can be difficult in winter. Simple home
activities, such as gentle yoga stretches, going up and down stairs, and short daily walks, positively impact health.


Did you know that another fun way of getting some physical movement in is to dance? What about salsa as you load and unload the dishwasher, Cha-Cha as you do laundry, or waltz (if you know how) while you vacuum? How about doing the twist as you dust?
Silly? Perhaps. Who will see it? The point here is to make it fun. Physical activity doesn't have to begin with an eye-roll and sigh. What are your ideas?


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Fostering Social Connection in the Comfort of Your Home

As we get older, our social circles may get smaller. Humans are inherently social beings, and
nurturing these connections is essential for mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health. The
ability to remotely keep in touch makes it easier to stay connected without leaving
home—schedule time to visit with family and friends through the computer or simply with a phone call.


Checking in and discussing shared interests provides a sense of belonging and
support. A bit of laughter, a bit of friendship, and shared life experiences are essential for experiencing overall health, wellness, and well-being.

Creating self-care habits at home doesn't have to be expensive, complicated, or
time-consuming. By focusing on these fundamental aspects of well-being, we can nurture our
health and happiness in simple and profound ways. The journey of self-care is a personal one.
What matters most is what resonates with you as you make them part of your daily routine.
What are your thoughts and ideas? What will you commit to doing for yourself to move towards
a healthful and joyful life? The best ideas? The ones you are willing to give it go, the ones where
you commit to yourself to focus on yourself and take ownership of them. Make them fun, laugh,
joke around, enjoy quiet time, and be at peace. To me, that is self-care.

- Be a part of A Force for Good! -

On Purpose Women Magazine

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