I work with women who wish to focus on living a balanced life.  I strongly believe that focusing on Nourishment supports our mind, body and spirit.  While nutrition is a part of the equation, the conversation is often much larger.

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Uniquely Nourishing

"Many hear the word Nutrition and think about what is on the plate...Nourishment is what is on Life's Plate."

I work with those interested in creating and living a Nourished Life!


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"I recently read Dr. Carla Johnston's chapter in the latest book "Called to Lead" - her energy is transformative. I love how she spoke about moving nutrition into nourishment and the attitude of creating fun and enjoying the journey. So often we look at our health journey as being punishing but she lightens the message while empowering us to find enjoyment."

Laura Timbrook, NBC-HWC

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"Dr. Carla Johnston is a masterful storyteller. She takes us on a journey for 50+ years where she never loses sight of her dreams. She reminds us that when we hit roadblocks, get discouraged, or lose sight of what's possible, we can shift our dreams to accommodate a new vision. While her current reality is not exactly what she imagined many years ago, it is the perfect reality for her, right now."


Ginny Robertson

Founder of the On Purpose Woman Community & On Purpose Woman Magazine

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Uniquely Nourishing

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About me


I have always been interested in health and wellness. When working with wise women, the focus is to merge traditional medicine's wisdom with contemporary, evidence-based approaches that result in one's ability to create a uniquely nourished life.

I spent the first part of my medical sales career working with clinicians in the operating rooms and intensive care units.  At mid-life, I decided to make a shift. My interest and passion drove me to explore healthcare from another lens- one focused on interventions that support health and wellness.


To provide the foundation for this change, I began to pursue knowledge through several academic programs.  My studies focused on herbal medicine, chronic disease management, aging challenges from a sociological perspective, and clinical nutrition.

I believe that Nourishment is an essential key to our health, particularly as we age. 

As you can see, I love learning! Shifting my career has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. You may have heard the expression, "always be learning" - I embrace that spirit of curiosity and knowledge. There is a wisdom to aging that inspires me, and I hope it does for you as well!



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