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Meet Carla

Lover of Good Food, Pickleball & Pugs

South Carolina Nutritionist

I love to learn and have always been interested in health and wellness. I believe that Nourishment is an essential key to our health, particularly as we age.

I seek to merge traditional medicine’s wisdom with contemporary, evidence-based approaches that result in the creation of a uniquely nourished life. I am particularly focused on herbal medicine, chronic disease management, aging challenges from a sociological perspective, and clinical nutrition.

Shifting my career has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. You may have heard the expression, “always be learning” – I embrace that spirit of curiosity and knowledge wholeheartedly!

& Background

of Education


& Certifications



Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (DCN)

Maryland University of Integrative Health

Master of Science (M.S.), Herbal Medicine

Maryland University of Integrative Health

Master of Arts (M.A.), Applied Sociology

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Health Administration and Policy

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Certified Nutrition Specialist

American Nutrition Association® (ANA)

Licensed Nutritionist

Maryland Department of Health

Master Certified Health Coach

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute


Behind Carla's Approach
to Nutrition

Food and nutrition are undoubtedly significant influences on health and aging. I felt the need to expand the term Nutrition to the concept of Nourishment. What we put on our plates at mealtimes is essential; for me, so is what is happening in and around us. I wanted the conversation to expand from only looking at one's meal plate and began to "Nourishing what's on life's plate." It allowed for deeper conversations and exploring one's challenges and goals. I have found that providing education on the digestive system's influence on overall health is incredibly valuable. Most are fascinated to learn about the microbiome, gut-brain communication, and the impact of sleep on the gut, the influence of the digestive system on our mood and emotional health, to name a few.


Our uniqueness invites us to reflect on these influences and adapt accordingly. Food choices influence our health, especially as we age. And I submit that if one is not living the life they imagined or having difficulty with a life transition such as retirement or even the loss of a partner, or the addition of a medical diagnosis making life challenging- the conversation and exploration needs to go beyond "eat this, not that."


That is the goal of my practice- one that provides space to create a fulfilling life in the presence of these conditions. The flexibility and possibility of Both/And.

This concept of Both/And has played a significant role in my personal, academic, and professional life. It has allowed me to experience that everything is on a continuum, everything is dynamically moving and nothing is static. There is a wisdom to aging with countless opportunities to continue learning and growing. Challenges don't necessarily negate happiness or joy. Anxiety doesn't cancel out laughter or amusement. All are part of life and health- both mental and physical – mind and body.


Learning is a process whether you wish to expand on your success or create new habits. Having the tool of exploring your Both/And can provide valuable insights when cultivating possibilities. Acknowledging what is and what you are moving toward is often helpful, even in the face of upset, discomfort, and challenges. What is your Both/And?

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