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1:1 Coaching

I work with those struggling with physical symptoms who may feel that they are experiencing a loss of control of their health and life. Creating space for a deeper conversation along with action steps that shift from the focus on loss to visualizing possibility, to find joy in physical movement, to experience passion when creating meals that nourish the body, and to transform from suffering and unhappiness to as a (new) sense of control and enhanced engagement with life.

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Uniquely Nourishing
"Merging the wisdom of traditional medicine and contemporary evidence-based practices allows for a deeper understanding of ourselves. Designing a unique approach provides a rich tapestry of potential opportunities to shift our ideas, choices, and goals."

–Dr. Carla Johnston, Cultivating an Aging Spirit

What are the Nourishment Nines?

Through the lens of many influences on health, Carla works to expand and deepen the conversation, exploring mind-body connections. Her Nourishment programs focus on creating an individualized approach to whole-body-centered health and supporting those wishing to experience Aging in Health, Happiness, Purpose, and Grace.

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